Welcome to Nikahglobal.pk, your matchmaking service provider. Nikahglobal.pk is an advertising platform providing targeted advertising services for matchmaking alliances and replacing traditional newspaper classifieds. Nikahglobal.pk helps you promote and advertise your profile to the prospective alliance partner to drive an 'Accept', the first step in seeking a life partner. Access to the Nikahglobal.pk website is free. However, we offer Premium Membership plans wherein one can promote his/her Profile on various Nikahglobal.pk properties, where you can communicate with your prospective partner after getting his/her permission. As this is an Islamic site, we have taken much care to be within the Islamic norms.

Terms of Use

To use the Nikahglobal.pk Site ("Site"), you must register as a member of the Site ("Member/individual"). The Member or any users using the Site agree to be bound by these Terms of Use ("Agreement/contract"). If you wish to become a member and promote/ advertise your profile to other Members and make use of the Nikahglobal.pk service ("Service/facility"), read these Terms of Use and follow the instructions in the Registration process. The Service shall interalia assist you in promoting and making your profile visible to other Members to drive higher “Accepts” from relevant members. This Agreement legally binds you to the usage of this site. This Agreement may be modified by Nikahglobal.pk from time to time.

1.    Eligibility

To register as a member of Nikahglobal.pk or use this Site, you must be of legal marriageable age as per the laws of Pakistan (currently, 16 years or over for females and 18 years or over for males), International members should follow the age limits of their respective countries. The Nikahglobal.pk site is only to facilitate personal advertisement for lawful marriage alliances between persons who are legally competent to enter matrimony under the laws to which they are subject. Membership in the Service is void where prohibited. By using this Site, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and that you are not prohibited or prevented by any applicable law for the time being in force or any order decree or injunction from any court, tribunal or any such competent authority restraining you from entering matrimony. You also agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If at any time Nikahglobal.pk believes (in its sole discretion) or has any reason to believe that you are not eligible to become a member or that you have made any misrepresentation about your eligibility, Nikahglobal.pk reserves the right to forthwith terminate your membership and/or your right to use the Service without any refund to you of any of your unutilized subscription fees.

 2.    Term

You may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason by writing to Nikahglobal.pk. In the occasion you end your enrollment, you won't be qualified for a discount on any unutilized membership expenses, assuming any, paid by you, except for where mutually agreed upon. Nikahglobal.pk may end your entrance to the Site as well as your enrollment for any reason after sending a notification to your registered email address, Text message, or such other email address as you may later give to Nikahglobal.pk. In the event Nikahglobal.pk ends your participation for rupture of terms of this Agreement, you won't be qualified for any discount of any unused Subscription charges, assuming any, paid by you. Segments 4, 5, 7, and segments 9 to 14 of this contract might stay powerful even after the end.

3.    Non-Commercial Use by Members

The Nikahglobal.pk Site's sole purpose is to provide matrimonial services to its members and cannot be used for any commercial purpose. Organizations, companies, and/or businesses cannot become Members of Nikahglobal.pk and should not use the Nikahglobal.pk Service or Site for any purpose. We maintain all authority to make lawful moves against the individuals who abuse our terms of utilization.

Other Terms of Use by Members

  1. Nikahglobal.pk strictly monitors the activities of individual accounts. In case of any violation of these terms, we may immediately cancel the registration without informing the member.
  2. From the date of enrollment, you acknowledge our terms for accepting emails, messages, and calls from Nikahglobal.pk and from other members of Nikahglobal.pk if you are a registered member of Nikahglobal.pk.
  3. Multiple profiles of the same person are not allowed on Nikahglobal.pk. Nikahglobal.pk can remove your profile with immediate effect without a refund of the fee.
  4. You cannot use this website for personal ventures except to find your life partner for marriage.
  5. Nikahglobal.pk, in its sole discretion, will take serious action if in its point of view, there is a violation of these terms harming any other member.
  6. Nikahglobal.pk claims all authority to screen any of your communication with different Member(s). We are additionally directing it by erasing vulgar text whenever at our sole caution without earlier notice to any Member.

4.    Proprietary Rights in the Content on Nikahglobal.pk 

Nikahglobal.pk owns and retains all proprietary rights over the information in the site and its service except for member profiles which is the property of members and Nikah Global got permission from each member to publish this information. You don't have any privilege to utilize Nikah Global's exclusive data. Any such act on your part will be viewed as an infringement of this Agreement and your enrollment is at risk of being ended forthwith by Nikahglobal.pk, without refund of any of your unused Subscription fees. We can also take legal action against you.

Content Posted on the Site

  1. You understand and agree that Nikahglobal.pk may delete any listing, content, communication, photos, or profiles (collectively, "Content") that in the sole judgment of Nikahglobal.pk go astray from the terms of this Understanding or which may be un-Islamic, illicit, or that may bring about damage either Nikahglobal.pk or potentially its members.
  2. For any kind of information you make available for the Nikah Global audience, either registered members or the public you unconditionally authorize Nikah Global to use this information as it deems necessary for finding the best match for you. Nikah Global can also alter this information as it deems fit.
  3. You will use the services of Nikah Global for the sole purpose of finding your life partner. Any type of data or information you provide to Nikah Global or any of its associates either privately or publicly will be your sole responsibility. However, Nikah Global reserves the right to verify this data through its designated person. Nikah Global does not verify the documents from the source from where it is originated, which means if any member wants to verify the education degree from some university, then it will be the responsibility of the members themselves and not Nikah Global.   
  4. Nikah Global verifier will ask each member a minimum of the following information, although he may ask for further information to satisfy himself regarding the accuracy of the information you provided online.

i.    Proof of citizenship (CNIC or passport copy)

ii.    Proof of residency (Utility bills)

iii.    Proof of education certificates

iv.    At least four references details (1. Neighbors, 2. Family member 3. Person working with you, 4. Any friend)

            v.    Any other information to verify your data

        5. By posting Content/ advertising to any public area of Nikah Global, you unconditionally and irrevocably authorize Nikah Global and any of its associates worldwide to use your data in any form and in any kind.

        6.  In case Nikah Global finds you to be involved in or doing any of the following causing harm to any of its members.                Your registration will be canceled forthwith without a refund of unused money.

             i.    offensive to the other members including harassment in any shape to others.

             ii.    Any obnoxious emails or letters to others.

             iii.    Promoting false or misleading information.

             iv.    Promoting illegal or unauthorized copies of another person's copyrighted work.

              v.    displays material that intends to cause sexual arousal.

             vi.    Seeking personal information including passwords etc. for commercial purposes; and

             vii.    Participating in any type of commercial activity using Nikah Global data without prior written permission.

        7.  By using Nikah Global service you will abide by all Pakistani Federal and Provincial laws.

        8.  You will never send telephone numbers or other contact details via messaging or chat to other members of Nikah Global.

5.    Member Disputes

You are solely responsible for your advertisement/communications with other Nikahglobal.pk Members. Nikahglobal.pk shall take no responsibility for any kind of disputes between members either before or after marriage. However, in case any member is found to be violating any of Nikah Global's terms and conditions, we shall terminate his membership with immediate effect without prior notice to him.

6.    Privacy

Use of the Nikahglobal.pk Site and/or the Nikahglobal.pk Service is governed by our Privacy Policy.

7.    Disclaimers

1.  Nikahglobal.pk is not in charge of any off-base or incorrect Content/posting posted on the Site or regarding Nikahglobal.pk Service, whether brought on by Users, Members, or by any of the hardware or programming connected with or used neither in the Service nor for the lead of any User as well as Member of the Nikahglobal.pk Service whether on the web or disconnected.

2.  Nikahglobal.pk accepts no accountability for any blunder, exclusion, intrusion, erasure, imperfection, delay in operation or transmission, correspondences line disappointment, burglary or annihilation or unapproved access to, or change of, User or potential Member interchanges or any interchanges by Nikahglobal.pk to its members.

3.  Nikahglobal.pk is not in charge of any issues or specialized breakdown of any phone system or lines, PC on-line-frameworks, servers or suppliers, programming, disappointment of email or players because of specialized issues or movement blockage on the Internet or at any site or mix thereof, including harm or harm to Users and additionally Members or to whatever other individual's PC identified with or coming about and additionally regarding the Nikahglobal.pk Service.

4.  Under no conditions will Nikahglobal.pk oversee any misfortune or harm coming about because anybody utilized the Site or the Service as well as any Content posted on Nikahglobal.pk Site or transmitted to Nikahglobal.pk Members.

5.  The trade of matchmaking profile(s) through or by "Nikahglobal.pk" is not a marital offer or potential proposal from/by Nikahglobal.pk. Nikahglobal.pk should not oversee any misfortune or harm to any individual emerging out of, or consequent to, any relations (however, not restricted to marital relations) set up by the utilization of Nikahglobal.pk.

6.  The Site and the Service are given "AS-May be" and Nikahglobal.pk explicitly repudiates any guarantee of wellness for a specific reason or non-encroachment. Nikahglobal.pk can't ensure and does not guarantee a particular result from utilization of the Site as well as the Nikahglobal.pk Service.

7.  Nikahglobal.pk explicitly disavows any risk or duty at all and howsoever emerging because of any Content/posting posted on the Site/made accessible to Nikahglobal.pk by any Members or the clients of the Site or any outsider.

8.  Nikahglobal.pk does not accept any accountability or risk for any illicit Content posted on the Site by any Members, clients, or any outsider.

9.  All risk, whether common or criminal emerging out of any content that is posted on the Site will be of that Member/client/outsider who has posted such Content, and Nikahglobal.pk maintains its authority to claim harms from such Member/client/outsider that it might endure because of such Content Posted on the Site. Nikahglobal.pk does not guarantee responsibility for the information you submit or make accessible for consideration on the Service.

8.    Limitation on Liability 

On no occasion will Nikahglobal.pk be payable to you or any third individual for any reason, including likewise lost benefits emerging from your utilization of the Site or the Nikahglobal.pk Service, regardless of the possibility that Nikahglobal.pk has been informed concerning the likelihood of such harm. Despite anything contained in this, Nikahglobal.pk's risk to you for any cause at all, and irrespective of the type of the activity, will at all times be constrained to the sum paid, assuming any, by you to Nikahglobal.pk, for the Service amid the term of participation.

9.     Jurisdiction

In case if there is any debate about or including the Site as well as the Service, by utilizing the Site, you genuinely concur that every such question or potential contrast will be administered by the laws of Pakistan and might be liable to the select purview of the Competent Courts in Lahore, Pakistan only.

10.  Indemnity

You consent to repay and hold Nikahglobal.pk, its associates, members, officers, operators, and different accomplices and workers, completely repaid and safe from any misfortune, risk, claim, or request, including sensible lawyer's expenses, made by any outsider due to or emerging out of your utilization of the Service disregarding this Agreement and additionally emerging from a break of these Terms of Use or potentially any rupture of your representations and guarantees put forward above as well as any fake follow up on your part.

11. Other

1.  By becoming a Member of the Nikahglobal.pk community, you consent to get certain emails from Nikahglobal.pk or potentially its associated partners. You can unsubscribe whenever for any reason rapidly and effortlessly by tapping on the unsubscribe button in our email or otherwise writing to us to unsubscribe from certain services.

2.  This Agreement, by the usage of the site and further asserted by turning into a Member of the Nikahglobal.pk facility, contains the whole assentation amongst you and Nikahglobal.pk concerning the utilization of the Site and additionally the Service. If any arrangement of this Agreement is held invalid, the rest of this Agreement should proceed in full constraint and impact.

Nikahglobal.pk is a Sole Proprietor business duly registered with FBR
By registering at Nikahglobal.pk as well as utilizing the Services of the Site, you unequivocally and irreversibly affirm that you have perused and comprehended the above clauses and consent to act upon them.

It would be ideal if you reach us at info@nikahglobal.pk with any inquiries regarding these terms and conditions.